Pocklington Singers

We are always keen to welcome new members to the choir and currently have around 65 members, split between the four main voice parts. Our musical director is Mark Wharfedale.

Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings in All Saints' Church Pocklington, starting at 7.00pm and ending at 9.00pm, with a short break.

We normally perform three main concerts each year, generally at Christmas, Spring and Summer and these are usually held in All Saints' Church, Pocklington.  As well as this, we sing in other local venues, but are looking to broaden our horizons!

Anyone wanting to join should contact: 


Whilst we do not hold formal auditions, you will be invited to have a short one-to-one session with the Musical Director to discuss previous singing experience, musical ability, and vocal range. 

Current Membership Fees are £75 per annum and students are free!


Pocklington Singers is a genuinely lovely local singing group. From the moment I joined everyone was so friendly and you get a real sense of community from singing with us. The pieces we do provide a challenge (a little bit of practice at home is always handy!) but are never so complicated that you would be put off. I would definitely recommend coming to join us for a rehearsal if you're thinking of becoming a member.

Helen S

Despite having a degree in classical music, my actual choral singing experience is extremely limited. Admittedly, I was anxious when I first showed up and most definitely looked lost and potentially deranged after a long day at work.  Nevertheless, to my relief I was put at ease instantly and introduced to other members, including additional first timers, and now I don’t really comprehend what else I was expecting.  

This friendly and welcoming choir provides what I believe are fundamental elements for musical progression. Most prominently, if you are a nervous singer like me, you will feel supported. The talent in the tenor section alone enables me to get my bearings and to sing with so many experienced singers is incredible. It just naturally elevates your musical confidence and ability.

The humour and musicality of our Musical Director, Mark Wharfedale, make for a fun but thorough musical workout. He gives us tips on how to get our notes (brilliant) and then unexpectedly removes our sheet music (aghh!) to induce good listening.


Since I joined the Pocklington Singers, I have noticed how my mood has generally elevated. I am getting to see very dear friends more frequently, other members have generously offered resources for my work, one extremely kind lady knitted me some socks (perfect colour and size), I’ve also had a chance to socialise with many fellow instrumentalists, teachers, and interesting people from all backgrounds. Have I taken a previously elusive step towards a social life? I only wish I had joined sooner! 

Ben B 

It was lovely to sing with you all and I really enjoyed the evening; a mixture of serious work and lots of laughs, which is a good balance to achieve in any group! 

Pauline H


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